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We are a team of data scientists and engineers, focused exclusively on data projects (big data, data science, machine learning, data visualizations).

Areas of core expertise include data science (research, machine learning algorithms, visualizations and engineering), data visualizations ( d3.js, Tableau and other), big data engineering (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB and other), and data intensive web applications development (RESTful APIs, Flask, Django, Meteor).

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Our Core Services

Data science applications

Data science applications

Building end-to-end data pipelines, machine learning methods application, productize of data models

Data visualizations / Dashboards

Data visualizations / Dashboards

Angular.js, D3.js, Tableau based visualizations, one-page web apps, UX consultations

Big data architectures

Big data architectures

Hadoop-based systems, Spark-based systems, SQL and NoSQL data solutions

Data storage solutions

Data storage solutions

Transforming, cleaning of data, and storing it in SQL or NoSQL (Hadoop / HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis) solutions

Ecommerce analytics and data science

Ecommerce analytics and data science

Advanced ecommerce data science methods, including Recommendation Engines, Customer Livetime Value, Customers segmentation and many other

Various data projects

Various data projects

Across web and data technology stacks. Including production of data SAAS products, data acquisition, scraping, cleaning and transformations, natural language processing and so on.

Few testimonials

ActiveWizards is a team of highly competent professionals who were able to comprehend the scope and complexity of our project, delineate it into simplified deliverables and, finally, unify each task to produce an end product of the highest quality.

Kefim Nancoo - Business Development Manager, Joova
Kefim Nancoo
Business Development Manager, Joova

It was a pleasure to work with ActiveWizards. With their expertise each of my projects has been personalized and the end product has always exceeded my expectations by a wide margin.  

Lawrence Burns - Professor and Vice Chair FSBC, GVSU
Lawrence Burns
Professor and Vice Chair FSBC, GVSU

I am really enjoying working with Active Wizards. Their skill, commitment and technical abilities coupled with an excellent level of project management are making this a really enjoyable project.

Garrett Reynolds - Technical Project Manager, ArtOfUs
Garrett Reynolds
Technical Project Manager, ArtOfUs

Our portfolio

awo-21 Visualization IT Network
Visualization of security threats
Data visualization
awo-26 Geovisualization Chinese science articles
Geovisualization of science articles
Data visualization, Data science
awo-28 Vizabi functionality in NVD3
Data visualizations in NVD3
Data visualization, Data science
awo-116 Spark MLLib forest of regressions modelling in AWS
Spark MLLib Random Forest modelling in AWS
Data science, Big data
awo-161 Custom Geckoboard chart
Geckoboard chart with API integration
Data science, Data visualization, Data engineering
awo-128 Generate table of Wikipedia page-view count
Big data processing of Wikipedia data
Data science, Data analysis, Big data
awo-113 Data Collector
Data Collector from VM machines
Data analysis, Data engineering
awo-103 Profit / revenue optimization project
Profit / revenue optimization project
Data analysis, Data science, Data visualization, Data engineering

Our Blog

6 Top Big Data and Data Science Trends 2017

6 Top Big Data and Data Science Trends 2017
Recently we stepped in the 2017 year, and it’s time to draw the conclusion about 2016. Our world is depending more and more on the data and information, businesses using data science and machine learning to handle an enormous amount of data. Such things as deep learning and artificial intelligence applications really took off, and we expect those and other important developments to continue. So, let’s have a look at top big data and data science trends for the year 2017.
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Open data and smart cities solutions that will change the world

Open data and smart cities solutions that will change the world
By 2050, 70% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban environments. So smart cities and open data programs will grow and make changes in human life. According to Business Insider Intelligence, by 2020 some 75 per cent of all cars worldwide will be equipped with internet access and associated software, with global revenues from connected services expected to top $152 billion. And other areas of life will develop no less rapidly.
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