BigQuery Experts: Consultancy, Data Query and Management

BigQuery Experts: Consultancy, Data Query and Management

Make your data analysis more productive and focus on discovering data insights

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Who we are

ActiveWizards machine learning company is a team of professional data scientists, engineers, and analysts with a broad experience of implementing BigQuery for various tasks. Our knowledge, skills, and expertise will help to unlock the value of data for the benefit of your business.

BigQuery services

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Case studies

Top data science and machine learning consultants and developers doing their best to make your ideas come true.

Machine Learning Spark Project

Data governance software for the predicting level of confidentiality and business category content.

Healthcare AI Startup Project

Abnormal behavior detection tool applying log activity data of hospital employees and patients.

Video Recognition AI Platform

Face Recognition component integrated with a user dashboard for real-time video capturing.

Machine Learning Driven Analytics

Smart data governance software based on ML and AI technologies for farming equipment interaction tracking.

Why choose ActiveWizards for your project?

  • Full stack of technology expertise
    Full stack of technology expertise
  • Transparent pricing system
    Transparent pricing system
  • Customer-oriented approach
    Customer-oriented approach
  • Responsible team of professionals
    Responsible team of professionals
  • Proven experience and knowledge
    Proven experience and knowledge
  • Quality that meets industry standards
    Quality that meets industry standards

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