Digital/Video Interviewing Platform

Digital/Video Interviewing Platform


  • Сreation of candidate profile
  • Resumption of uploading form
  • Creation of interviewer profile
  • Streaming of video interviews in real time
  • Creation of superuser profile
  • Parsing of resume
  • Ensuring video/speech recognition
  • Developing a full-text search on recognized text
  • Developing a time-saving instrument
  • Integration of data sourcing from external sources (prepared CV file, LinkedIn)
  • Ensuring navigation


  • Account creation with data parsing from documents (pdf, doc, docx, txt, etc.) or extracting data from LinkedIn: We used Sovren's service for CV recognition and a self-described parser for LinkedIn recognition.
  • Audio/video functionalities (e.g., video bio, practice interview, one on one interview, recommendation/endorsement recording): We implemented the functionality of recording video biographies and answers to questions, the ability to conduct interviews 1 to 1 in the interview room and record video recommendations for service customers.
  • Keyword search in the recognized text: There was developed an intellectual transition, able to recognize not just the keyword, but the beginning of the phrase, where it was used.
  • Speech to text feature: We solved this problem by using IBM Watson. There is a recognition of the text of the interview by roles, as well as recognition of questions in the interview for easy navigation through the video (you can go directly to the issue of interest).
  • Interview handling/management: We’ve implemented an ability to edit required information for the management. Now, the client has the opportunity to adjust all the recognized text and questions through the admin interface, if necessary.

Technology stack

Python v 2.7.x, Django, PostgreSQL HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Vue.js, Gulp.js, SASS, CoffeeScript, Bootstrap 3, d3.js, Kurento Media Server, FFmpeg, Video.js, IBM Watson Speech to Text, Node.js (for video processing), Sovren


ActiveWizards team developed the platform supporting such functionality as speech to text recognition, audio/video functionality. It provides the ability for the user to record video biography as well as to run video interviews, keyword search as well as data parsing and interview management.